Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peng Peng Lee 2nd All Around at first Mexican Open

I love this picture of Peng Peng Lee and US Gymnast Daniel Leyva
Peng Peng Lee and Mikaela Gerber travelled with coach Sue Manjak this past weekend to Acapulco Mexico for the first ever Mexican Open.  From what I hear it was a fantastic experience for all involved.  They have promised me some photos!!!

Peng Peng finished 2nd all around after hitting 4 for 4.  A great confidence boost going into the London Test Event training camp in a few weeks.  Mikaela finished 7th all around.

An interesting twist at this meet was the pairs competition.  One WAG athlete and one MAG athlete were paired together.  The pair with the highest combined score wins.  Peng Peng Lee partnered with US Gymnast Daniel Leyva for a total combined score of 144.850!!

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