Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!
Hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays, with some well deserved rest and family time!

Oakville girl's went out of 2008 with a BANG!!! Our 1st Provincial qualifier was a huge success by not only the athletes but also all the parent volunteers who dedicated so much of their time to make it great! Thanks!
Oakville girl's took the lead in every category we entered, levels 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9!

Results included,
Level 5 9yr.
Jordyn Lynch 4th AA

Level 5 10/11yr. (A)
Victoria Gamble 1st AA & 1st Beam
Mikayla Martyn 6AA 1st Floor
Level 5 10/11 yr. (B)
Sofia Tencer 2nd AA & 1st Floor

Level 5 12/13 yr.(A)
Kate Benjamin 1st AA
Level 5 12/13 yr. (B)
Sofia Liantzakis 8th AA

Level 6 10/11 yr.
Amanda Quek 1st AA
Sarah Nixon 1oth AA, 1st Vault & Floor

Level 6 12/13 yr.
Hayley Palmer 1st AA, 1st Floor
Tiffany Membrere 2nd AA, 1st Beam
Katja Wanvig 3rd AA, 1st Bars
Nicole Nieweglowski 6th AA

Level 7 9yr.
Taylin Kelly 1stAA 1st Vault & Bars
Kathryn Doran 2nd AA 1st Beam & Floor

Level 8 10/11yr.
Casey Carvalho 1st AA 1st Bars
Sydney Davison 2nd AA
Emily Moss 3rd AA 1st Vault
Savannah Wepf 4th AA 1st Bars & Floor
Marianna Colussi-Pelaez 5th AA 1st Beam

Level 8 14+
Staci Carvalho 1st AA 1st Vault, Bars & Floor
Lianne Girard 2ndAA 1st Floor

Level 9 12+
Katie Sampson 1stAA, 1st Bars

Awesome results, congratulations to the athletes and their coaches for all their hard work!

Next Qualifier, Kingston January 30th!

Our girl's at Elite Canada were the talk of the "stands"
Their incredible results, confidence and poise blew everyone away, including their coaches!
First year Junior High-Performance, Michaela Gerber was 4th AA in an extremely tough category. Her strongest event was floor with a siver medal!

Our Novice girl's were amazing with all five of them finishing in the top 19, with 40 girl's fighting for top 20 High-Perforance status.
Sabrina Gill was crowned all -round Champion taking the Gold on Beam and Bronze on Bars & Floor.
Jordyn Pedersen finished a strong 4th AA , while finishing top 8 on each event.
First year Novice competitors, Elise Bolger finished 14th AA
Ashley Nelson finished 16th AA
Annie Sheridan finished 19th AA
All five girl's have been named High-Perforance for the 2009 season and have earned a ticket to compete at National Championships. This will take place this year in Ontario in Hamilton the first week of June!
Congratulations girl's, we are so proud of all of you!

Looking forward to another great year, wishing all of our families and staff a Happy and Healthy 2009!!!
Susan Manjak