Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hello everyone!
Sorry it's been so long, blaming it on the baby!
Anderson Kelly Manjak was born on October 9th at 8pds. 5ons. he is a real blessing and we are so happy he has arrived. Thank you so much to everyone for all the special gifts, we appreciate your kindness and generosity.

I will try to keep updating this blog with general information as much as possible!

Good-Luck to all our athletes competing this weekend at Tour Selection in Mississauga, we, the coaches wish you a successful and safe competition!
Also Good-Luck to Micheala Gerber and Sabrina Gill who are off to France this weekend with coach Kelly. We are very proud of them in their first International assignment for Gymnastics Canada. We wish them also a successful and safe competition!

Next week, there will be NO MORNING TRAINING!!! while Kelly is away. Training will be available from 3-8pm! Except Wednesday starts at 4pm!

Susan Manjak