Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some good, Some bad, Some happy, Some Sad

The title of this blog is one of my all time favourite answers to the question "How did the meet go?".

The Canadian National Championships are over and normally this blog is a place for facts and not too much opinion as I am writing on behalf of the women's program.  However I am feeling the need to give a little more insight than normal.    This was the first Canadian Nationals I have attended and nothing could have prepared me for the roller coaster of emotions, that not only I would ride, but everyone associated with Oakville Gymnastics Club!!

First came the news of Peng's injury which broke all of our hearts simultaneously.  It is that she is such a beautiful young person as well as being a superb athlete and competitor that makes it that much harder to take.  We are still keeping positive but Nationals was not the same as it would have been had she been able to compete!!

Jessica Savona re-establishing herself as a possible member of Canada's Olympic team is a high light for us all for sure!!  She has worked so hard to come back from an injury that could have so easily killed her spirit!!  Not this kid!!!  She is a fighter and Canada could sure use a fighter.  She set out to "rock it in Regina" and she did!!

Mikaela Gerber had a great day 1 posting the second highest beam score and then uncharacteristically struggled in the all around on all four events.  More heart break for Oakville supporters!!  Mikaela still has the training camp in Gatineau to look forward to and don't count her out of contention either.

Jordyn Pedersen has secured a place as alternate for the junior pan am games which will be held in Colombia next month. Jordyn will be a bit dissappointed to have missed the last spot by just .200.  Such a cruel sport.

Mariana Colussi Palaez continues to improve and develop as an elite athlete.  She had a struggle in the All Around but still came out smiling!  She has a great attitude!!

Kennedy Sterenberg is one of my favourite kids to watch in the gym.  She is always smiling and happy.  Even when she has a bad day.  So when she was not smiling after her performance in the Open team competition Thursday it was all I could do not to break down and cry along with her!!  On her second day of competititon Kennedy looked like a different kid.  The nerves of day 1 seemed to have subsided to at least a managable level and the smile was back!!  She had a great day which was topped by winning the gold medal on vault.

3 weeks prior to her first Nationals Kathryn Doran took the cast off she had been wearing for 3 weeks.  A fractured growth plate in her wrist meant she lost valuable training time. A decision had to be made should she or shouldn't she go. It seemed like an impossible task getting ready in such a short time but she was determined she wanted to go and her coaches and her worked hard to get her back as many skills as they could in time. Day 1 she was cool as a cucumber but on day 2 her nerves got the better of her and my heart broke for her!!  No awards for her this time.  While it is tough for kids to understand that it's not all about results I hope she will remember this as one of her greatest accomplishments!!

I had to leave before Junior and Senior Event finals but to be honest I don't think I could have watched another minute of gymnastics. I do LOVE watching gymnastics.  I love the grace and power.  I love the determination shown by the athletes.  I love it when it all comes together and you see the look of pure triumph on their face!!  It's the heart break I can't take.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keep your fingers crossed for Peng!!

photo Grace Chiu
Many of us woke up this morning to the terrible news that Peng injured herself during training yesterday at Canadian National Championships.  Peng will make her way back to Ontario today and will have further tests tomorrow before we will know the extent of her injury.  We are all praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Canadian National Championships

Tandoori Chicken has arrived!
photo by Grace Chiu
Kelly, Sue and their girls have arrived safely in Regina!! Podium training for Peng, Mikaela, Jessica, Jordyn and Mariana later today; tomorrow podium training for Kennedy and Kathryn.  Competition begins tomorrow with Senior Qualification at 3:30 and Junior Qualification at 6:30.  Remember Regina is two hours behind :)  LIVE STREAMING :)  

You can get results, schedules and basically everything you wanted to know about Nationals but were afraid to ask from HERE.

The Venue all set up - photo by Stu Cram
This is the first time since 2007 when Regina last hosted Nationals that all four disciplines are being held at the same venue.  This is going to be very exciting!!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's new???

So it has been a while since I've posted something here and a lot has been going on.

First of all a few highlights from the recent results at the Ontario Provincial Championships:
Jessica Savona 
Senior High Performance Ontario All Around Champion 

Jordyn Pedersen 
Junior High Performance Ontario All Around Champion

Madison Dempster
Level 7 Age 9 Ontario Vault Champion

Kennedy Sterenberg 
National Open Bronze Medal Vault
Qualified to Team Ontario for Nationals

Madelaine Harding
Level 7 14+ Bronze Medal Vault

Peng Peng Lee, Mikaela Gerber and Silvia Colussi-Palaez had the opportunity to compete in a World Cup event in Croatia the week after Provincials and had some great results!!  

Uneven Bar Event Finals
Peng Peng Gold
Silvia 4th

Balance Beam Event Finals
Peng Peng 4th
Silvia 6th

Floor Event Finals
Silvia Bronze
Peng Peng 4th

Silvia has just returned from Brussels where she represented Spain in the European Championships!!!  Spain finished 7th in the Team Final!!  

National girls are off to Regina this weekend for the Canadian National Championships!!
Good luck to Peng Peng Lee, Mikaela Gerber, Jessica Savona, Jordyn Pedersen, Mariana Colussi Palaez, Kennedy Sterenberg and Kathryn Doran